We are very delighted to announce that the Rheingau artist Michael Apitz signs responsible for the label of our 2016 Berg Schlossberg.

    Apitz was born in Eltville in 1965 and studied design in Wiesbaden.

    Michael Apitz artistic oeuvre shows, in his paintings as well as in the multitude of comics he created, a deep connection to the Rheingau: with the wine comic books „KARL, der Spätlesereiter“ (since 1988) he graphically developed a “German Asterix” that communicates the Rheingau wine history very entertainingly and helped his authors to supraregional popularity. Also the paintings that Apitz created parallel to his work as comic illustrator and caricaturist deal with the landscape of the Rheingau and the Middle Rhine Valley that reaches from Rüdesheim to Koblenz. Michael Apitz consecrates to the motivic focus of vineyards and the river Rhine and explores these elements by themselves and in combination in various correlations of color.

    For the label of our 2015 Berg Schlossberg Apitz created the painting “BERG SCHLOSS- BERG”: throning in the middle of the vines the castle ruin Ehrenfels that dominates the Schlossberg site is being shown from a rather uncommon, north western perspective. The slopes around drop down steeply, in the background the Nahe estuary opens up and deep below the Rhine river glows – in a harsh glistering turquoise.

    Ratings: Gault Millau Wein Guide Deutschland 2018: 95 points; Eichelmann 2018 – Deutschlands Weine: 93 points; Falstaff WeinGuide 2018: 94 points


    Since 2016 we are part of the grape exchange project “Wurzelwerk”: during harvest the estates Jurtschitsch, Kamptal in Lower Austria, Gunderloch, Rheinhessen, and Georg Breuer provide one another with grapes from one of their top sites and start exploring the terroir: how does a vineyard express itself in a foreign cellar? What gives the tone?

    The first vintage of the project “Wurzelwerk” that was developed in team with Georg Breuer is now available and can be purchased in our vinotheque as well as over the homepage of Wurzelwerk.

    Further information on the project “Wurzelwerk” can be found on www.wurzelwerk.org .


    We are very delighted to announce that the artist Mikhail Smirnov signs responsible for the label of our 2015 Berg Schlossberg.
    Smirnov was born in St. Petersburg in 1951 and educated at the city’s academy of arts. His work can be found in various private collections all over Europe.

    Mikhail Smirnov uses the techniques of oil painting, aquarelle and mixed graphics. In his paintings – that can be assigned predominantly to the species of genre and portrait painting – he deals with mythological and philosophical subjects and deliberates on psychological and convictional matters of mankind.

    For our 2015 Berg Schlossberg Smirnov created the painting “Flights in sleep” that reflects the force fields of gravitation and imagination: using the vineyards of Rüdesheim as lyrical backdrop the painting shows a sleeping figure that floats between heaven and earth, bedded in day-to-day ponderous earthiness and elevated by somnambulistic ease. Appearing mystic and excessive the scenario links law of nature and prolific soil, immense strength of imagination and drowsy creative urges … and the human being, interwoven into it all.

    Ratings: Gault Millau Wein Guide Deutschland 2017: 95 points (first in the category „Riesling below 12 percent“); Eichelmann 2017 – Deutschlands Weine: 93 points; Falstaff WeinGuide 2017: 95 points; Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung: „Favorite of the Year“ in the category White Wine


    “… One of the producers who would have been on that list of great wines a generation ago is on this list today. I rated the 1990 Berg Schlossberg Riesling from the Georg Breuer estate in Rüdesheim/Rheingau 90-91 points when I first tasted it from cask back in the late spring of 1991. It was made by Bernhard Breuer who died in 2004. The 2015 of the same wine was made by his daughter Theresa and scores a 97 on today’s hit list. …”

    1. DÖNNHOFF Riesling Nahe Hermannshöhe Niederhausen GG 2015
    2. DR. LOOSEN Riesling Mosel Erdener Prälat “GG Reserve” 2012
    3. GEORG BREUER Rheingau Riesling Berg Schlossberg 2015

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